Thank you 2015.

Good bye 2015. You’ve been great to me. it has been better than 2014 and there are so much progressions since i was at my lowest few years back. Every year tiny improvements are added and i’m all the more grateful and thankful for all the wonderful blessings. 2015 has been a turning point in my life where i experienced new things, met new people and been to new places.


i’ve been blessed with a wonderful family and even though we might be rude and angst to one another, i guess that’s how my family roll. the old people are getting older and it has become a routine duty to fetch them in and out of hospitals, clinics for health checks. but just to have them alive and yelling at us, i guess that’s all we could ask for. to have them with us as long as possible. my baby bro however, 2015 wasn’t exactly a great year for him. in fact, it was probably the worst he had ever encountered. maybe he needed this one great fall so that for him to appreciate and even cherish what’s even better in due for him. would definitely wish for him a better 2016.


2015 continued on from 2014 with all my wonderful friends around me. there were some hiccups during the start of the year but i guess by and by time will slowly heal. though I’m not sure how much it would heal, but i have to slowly learn how to let go and move on. i’ve mentioned before that it wasn’t easy to gain my trust. i can be nice to everyone but once my trust has been betrayed, it’s probably not easy to gain it back. what’s meant to be will be. to all my friends who have stayed with me through 2015, thank you for your love and support. ever grateful for you guys whenever i needed someone to talk to, play with, annoy and share my joys and sorrows. in life, people come and leave. those who are here to stay, I’m ever more grateful that my companionship is to your liking.



Traveling has become one of my priorities every year ever since i was up and about. This year was no difference 🙂 Went to a few different places with different and great companions. Countries including Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Italy and Switzerland.

One of the first traveling in 2015 was to Bintan, Indonesia, with the group of sisters and brothers of xinyi and qingxiang’s wedding. the money raised during gatecrash was used as the fund for this trip. crazy bunch of people whom i love and people who i’ve come so far with. every year’s christmas party without fail and crazy activities done once in awhile. My baby bro joined us during this trip as well. It also happened during the week of which late Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed on and we were actually watching the funeral procession on the last day. I guess 2015 really was a year with great remembrance.


Went to Taiwan for my taiwanese friend Nicky’s wedding. Super excited when she invited me and i booked my tickets right away! told her long ago that as long as she invites me, i’ll definitely fly over to attend. and i kept my promise! knew her ever since my last year in aussie and we have come so far! taiwan has been on my traveling list almost every year. and so to say, i get to meet her at least once every year! ask pat along this taiwan trip as i thought it would’ve been nice if we could make up for the lousy korea trip we had 2 years back. and i needed a friend to go along and i was so sure that she would not reject taiwan. my crazy gf! haha! the trip was around 5 days and i managed to bring pat to places which she actually did not been to even though she’s also a frequent taiwan traveler lol. all in all, it was a great and exciting trip! taiwanese wedding was such a great eye opener. thankful for the experience! hoping the hongkong/malaysia wedding will happen soon as well~


My once a year trip with the bff also managed to happen this year! Japan was on our list this year and hello Tokyo~~ this was the second trip we went together and she’s definitely one of my favourite travel partner! this trip was basically major shopping and shopping! went to a few attractions and of course Disneysea! super excited to go to disney! Can’t wait for our next trip again! it would be better if we’re able to travel at least once a year together! had to admit i was quite lazy and procrastinate on the planning of itinerary this trip. but all in all i guess the trip was still amazing! my half pass 6 japanese wasn’t exactly well put in used but oh well, we survived! glad to have you as my bff!

Made another trip to Taiwan in end of June as well together with my aunt, cousins, baby bro, grandparents and someone special(shall elaborate later on). it was a trip solely for my grandpa after his surgery. initially he was very reluctant to go for the surgery, but after some convincing and bribery, he went through it! and this taiwan trip was an incentive for him. he probably would not be able to travel so far anymore. anyway, it was a great trip nonetheless!

As for the remaining trips to Italy and Switzerland, lets move on to the next part first. 😉

Me + One

2015 has even been better than 2014! my skin condition has improved ever since i started phototherapy at the end of 2014. however, as the sessions got reduced, the skin problems came back.. tried the blood letting method this year as well. still hoping that one day it will fully recover and so far the improvements have been great motivation for me. going to novenas every saturdays has also been a base for keeping my faith strong.

2015, i’m no longer alone. after waiting for quite a long period of time, i’ve finally found someone who’s able to accept me for who i am, for my skin and just me. even though he does have some complains on my body size, all in all, he is still there for me right now. started our relationship even though we know that we will embark on a ldr. it was definitely a leap of faith. there were unhappy periods as well but i guess ultimately both of us had to put in similar efforts to keep this going strong. spent a lot of time together before the ldr started and was able to travel together in 2015. covered quite a few countries and cities despite such a short period together. but it was really a great experience. traveling together really shows how a person is and gives us an idea if we could really bear each other. as our traveling period increases through the travels, i was able to appreciate more of how he is as a person and yes, there are definitely negative sides as well. but, slowly by and by, we are able to accommodate each other’s habits and love each other unconditionally.

even though he wasn’t exactly my type, in fact he was quite the opposite, but what matters most was that we were able to communicate well and talk things through. i might not be as rational as i thought i would therefore I’m thankful that he brings me down to reality whenever i needed a wake up call.

in 2015, we’ve covered bintan, malacca, taiwan, tanjung pinang kelong and recently italy and switzerland.

bintan was together with the brothers and sisters so i guess i could skip on that!

malacca was a short weekend trip together with his family members. it was my first time really exploring malacca and it was great! despite the hot weather, the trip was quite relaxing. to add flavour to the trip, a small hiccup happened at the end. glad that all was ok.

taiwan trip as said before was with my family members. however, we had most of the time for ourselves but this vegie, whom i affectionately call on social media, was sick during the trip. it was still great that we were able to cover quite a few ding tai fungs in taipei. and, it was really great that we were able to spend some time together before he flew off once we reached singapore.

the next short getaway would be to elly kelong together with my family and extended family. it was actually arranged so that he could make it during his short vacation back in sg.

the final and last trip we made in 2015 was our Europe trip to Italy and Switzerland. we were apart for around 5 months by the time we met in december once again. it was a trip much looked forward by both and a lot of planning was needed. it was also a trip which i’ve met with much hiccups and actually felt helpless and sad during the start of trip. thankfully, everything went on smoothly and in fact, was getting better.

before planning for this trip, i was so afraid that my dad would not allow me to go, which in fact the first time he rejected. after assurance to him that i would only be at italy and switzerland and the period i go was to be kept within 2 weeks, i was given the green light. from booking flights, accommodation, transport tickets to itinerary, i had to do almost everything myself. this vegie basically threw everything to me. his reason was that i loved planning such things more than him and he was in fact happy to go along with whatever i planned. it was great that he was not a fussy traveler. in the end, i was thankful that i need not be the one who plans and also to find the directions. he’s the one to navigate.

in my other travel trips, usually i had to plan and find the directions. was really grateful that i could just follow his leads(actually i think it was google’s). our trip started from Rome, Vatican City, Florence, Venice then moving on to Zermatt and Zurich. was really amazing that we managed to follow the itinerary rather closely and covered most of what i had planned. all the famous churches and historical sites were covered and the highlight for me was the novena church and matterhorn. before the start of the trip, i was quite paranoid that i would actually be irritated by him since it was the first time we were going to be together for 24hours everyday for 11-12 days. it would actually be the breaking point if any unhappiness occurs. but thankfully, none of those feelings occur and in fact, i was really happy and excited to have him around. the trip was really memorable but it was very sad when we had to say goodbyes. we had no idea when exactly we will meet and it was hard to bid goodbye. nonetheless, i am really grateful, happy and thankful that the trip happened.

not having my plus one beside me through so many months was actually tiring. we were not able to celebrate many occasions together. the first celebration of his birthday together, christmas, new year’s eve, new year, valentine’s, chinese new year and even our 1st anniversary. it was definitely not what i had in mind when i started a relationship but i guess this will probably make everything more memorable.

thank you for tolerating my nonsense.

thank you for being goofy together.

thank you for accepting me for who i am.

thank you for all the effort you have put in.

thank you for your patience and occasional nonsensical temperament.

thank you for being you.

thank you for coming into my life in 2015.

and thank you for letting me have something great to look forward in 2016.


2015 truly has been great. God has abundantly blessed me with joys and laughters. thank you all who showered me with love, support and happiness. i would not be who i am today without all of you. looking forward to a brand new year with lots of faith and love.

God Bless and Happy New Year!


~counting my blessings~




it’s almost the end of 2014.

wanted to do a reflection but realized I’m using a new laptop and i don’t have any photos in this com.

anyway, just a quick one, without any photos.

2014 has been relatively great to me. it came by quickly and it’s making an exit soon. i’ve no idea where i should start from but all i felt was i had been blessed abundantly this year.


I have always loved traveling and this year i managed to cover quite a few places. started of the year with a family trip with my mum’s side to Taiwan, Korea with my bff, Taiwan again with my other bff and buddy and Thailand for Aikido seminar.

It was the first time my mum had ever made any travel plans with her sisters and it was like a dream come true. She got married relatively young and was separated from her family all the way in malaysia. it was really the first time these 5 sisters travelled and had fun together. Planned painstakingly in order for the trip to be carried out perfectly and i was glad it turned out really fine! definitely one of the most enjoyable trips i’ve ever made and I’m sure most of them had the same idea too.

Korea trip with Cecilia was also the longest trip i made this year. We spent about 10 days in Korea! Tag along with her company trip and extended on our own for the remaining days. 10 days weren’t enough for us at all. too much of shopping and exploring! Really happy that we were able to compliment each other so well in traveling! looking forward to the next one soon this coming apr-may!

Back again in Taiwan with the other bff and her fiancé for their wedding photo shoot. Many felt that i was kinda extra to tag along but well, the couple didn’t mind. we had a great time in taiwan too! the photoshoot industry is really very interesting and it was really a great experience.

Started aikido training once again but this time with Ueshiba aikido. Went to this new club partly because my cousin had been training with them for many years and it was way cheaper than shinjukai. the experience has been great so far and people there are really nice. it feels more like a close knitted family but there are many things which are different too. had the opportunity to go for a seminar in Bangkok together with the team and it was really an eye opener! 8 shihans in total to demonstrate their techniques and got to train with so many different people. i think that’s the spirit of aikido or any martial art. it doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can do the same thing. Super looking forward to the Japan trip in 2016, visit to Hombu dojo! And all because of this aikido trip, I’ve signed up for Japanese lessons! like finally.


2014 has definitely been better than 2013. it should be that way. every new year improves from the previous one.

one of my bffs xinyi got married this year in dec. she was the first out of all my bffs to be engaged. it was a big planning for the proposal and i was really glad to be part of it! her husband is my buddy as well so their engagement and wedding was really fun to be part of! their wedding was probably one of the highlights for 2014 and i’m glad that everything went well 🙂 photos on fb and instagram.

my taiwanese friend got proposed as well! it has been a year which my Facebook feeds have been flooded with wedding photos every weekend.

all in all im glad that all my friends stayed through with me this year 🙂 I need not say more 🙂


got a big scare the beginning of 2014 when my grandfather got stroke and had to be admitted. we were lucky to be able to discover it early or we can’t even think of the consequences. he is much better now but he is no longer fit and strong. it’s a challenge for him to walk for a long distance. we can only hope there will be miracle that he can remain as healthy as possible.

really thankful to have my family with me even though there were so many dramas.


2014 has truly been great to me. probably the most at this point of my life.

my skin problem had been my number 1 concern for the past few years and there weren’t much improvement. however, just one month ago, i had a flared up of my skin and it was so bad i had to be rushed to the emergency unit. it was probably a blessing in disguise because after that, i started phototherapy and now there is a great improvement of my skin condition. I’m not sure if this is going to be just temporary or i will be totally healed. But i was so blessed that i recovered from the flare just in time for xinyi’s wedding and was even able to be her bridesmaid. i no longer have to hide my skin and i can wear shorts and short sleeves once again 🙂 time for me to go on a diet though :p

i am still currently studying korean but i’ve also started on japanese as well. did the intensive course for 5 weeks but now i’ve returned everything back to my teacher -.-” actually i’m hoping that i’ll be prepared for the aikido hombu dojo trip in 2016. the trip to bangkok made me realized how much i was hoping to be able to understand japanese when they spoke to me. i think i do have the talent for languages but i just have to put in a little bit more effort to study.

my investments has been ups and downs 😦 options killed me quite abit but i’m still positive that i’ll be able to grasp it more with better understanding. i feel that there are opportunities everywhere but one has to be opened to receive the idea and willing to take the risk. fingers crossed but i really do hope 2015 will treat me even better.

with my skin condition improve, i guess i can say that my self confidence is slowly coming back. probably will get even better when i start to shed some weight 😦 most around me are attached and i do hope that the right one will make his way to me. a traveling partner, a best friend, a lover, someone who appreciates me for who i am.

Time passed on too fast in 2014 i could barely catch up.

2014 you have been great, please pass on the baton nicely and continue a beautiful race.

Thank you all my loved ones for being there for me and all the best to everyone!

Happy New Year and God Bless!

2014잘가~~새해복 많이 받으세요~~ 행복해요!

Korail O-Train & V-Train

Hello everyone~ It’s been quite a long while since i last posted.

anyway, this post is super post dated.. went to Korea during the Apr-May period and it was a great trip! decided to come up with this post as me and my bff both realised that there wasn’t much information available or blogs to guide us on this new train line!


The bff decided this was a must itinerary to do after watching Marx Mae on Miss Korea. This Line is relatively new as it only opened in 2013. What we would recommend is that you get these passes early as there are limited seats on the V-train. Not so much of a problem for O-train, it was pretty much empty when we took it. However, it seems like their locals were more interested in the V-train. They actually took a bus to the starting point of V-train and hence it was harder to get the tickets despite having many empty seats on O-train.

Currently the Korail website has very limited information with regards to the train ticket prices and there’s also a variety of selections. What we did was to head to Seoul Station one day before our planned trip, asked the information counter with regards to the train timings and then proceeded to make our reservations.

If you are doing the O-train and V-train line, it would be cheaper to get this O-train pass. This would enable you to make reservations for all the trains you take on the line.


and these were our tickets(boarding passes) which can be reserved at the same counter right after you get the O-train passes. There are limited seats on the V-train(middle tickets) so you will have to check the availability before deciding to take this route which we did.

Our route was very simple and straight forward, as it takes quite some time to reach the stations and the waiting time was actually quite long, do make sure you don’t lose your tickets and take note of the timings.

1) Seoul -> Buncheon (5hours) [O-Train]

2) Buncheon -> Cheoram (1hour) [V-Train]

3) Cheoram -> Seoul (5hours) [O-Train]


We were given this time table by the information counter. It states the timing for each train and the timing which the train stops at each station. At certain stations there’s a period of waiting time of about 10mins, therefore, you will be able to get off the train and have a view of the station before boarding again to the next.





I’ve tried to highlight our routes concurrent to the time table. The first route was to Buncheon, at which we transfer to the V-train heading towards Cheoram.


there was a waiting period of about 1-2hours at Buncheon where we had our lunch and took pictures of the quaint town. It was really quiet but there were quite a few roadside shops which sells snacks and drinks. This was the station where the locals arrived by tour buses to board the V-Train. More on this later~


There are a total of 4 carriages on the O-train. On our first leg, our seats were at the last carriage number 4. It was relatively clean and quiet as there were not many people on this train. The first and the last carriages have the same designs and seating pattern. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

hello from duffy~

IMG_0642 IMG_0643

went on to explore the rest of the train.. this was the third carriage, there’s a tiny playground for kids once you enter the carriage.


the train was pretty fast as you can see from the blurry visions on the window..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

no kids playing..


The seats on this carriage were more colourful and cosy. There were actually quite a few locals having drinks and eating together.


however, i think i would still prefer the seats i had as the stench of dried squid and beer could be quite queasy for a long  journey.




there are also couple rooms available and i think this could be requested when making reservations.



and family room!


the refreshment bar area in the second carriage. pardon me for not stabilizing.


blurry shot but it was the only photo i took of the refreshment bar. they do sell bentos and snacks for those who didn’t buy anything before they board. there’s beer and hot beverages too.


the seating arrangement for this carriage. It’s kind of different compared to the previous two carriages.


swirling yellow-green chairs for viewing outside..


the first quick stop was at chuncheon station. the view was pretty amazing and it was a quick pit stop for the toilets. haha! oh ya.. the O-train has toilets too!


that’s the O-train!


arrived at Buncheon! the photo of the station is with my friend.. didn’t get a shot of it!


the shape of the mountains were so special!! triangular edge!


our simple meal near the Buncheon station. Herbs Bibimbap with free bean paste soup!


and hello again from duffy~ the V-Train!


The bar counter which also sells snacks and even the uniforms of train attendants.


this V-train was fully booked. and this train does not have any toilets. the structure of the seating arrangement is also quite different, offering passengers a better view of the mountains and valleys.


wishing tree available in the train~


this station seems to be quite popular among the locals. Yangwon station. It literally means ‘2 dollar’ station if you translate directly.



not sure why this waiting room was so popular though.. some stories of it available inside.. but too lazy to read. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and the next stop was SeungBu. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The V-Train logo! there’s one at every V-Train station.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

some (hiking) trails~


and the final V-train stop for us at Cheoram. This is where we have to wait for another 2.5 hours for the O-train back to Seoul Station.


this place used to flourish with many mining activities and was once a vibrant town. but now, all that is gone and once you step out of the station, it just feels like a deserted or abandoned town with few people staying behind.


there was a poster which stated that some popular korean movie once had this backdrop as one of the major scenes.


and the O-train logo! through the fish-eye lens!


we decided to roam out of the station as it was quite a long wait. there was actually a museum nearby which showcases the history of this town.


the start of the street. these are not just normal abandoned house, there are actually exhibits and histories of the town inside the building.


they looked abandoned but it’s not! just wander around there and the person in charge will just open up every single door available for you to wander in and explore.


the whole place is actually connected through the stairs, can go up and down and to the rooftop!


it was actually quite dodgy at first as there weren’t anyone else there and we could only understand minimal korean. however, it was absolutely free and the staff were very proud and eager to show us more of the place itself.


after that, we went back to the station to board our O-train back to Seoul. It was another 5hours ride back to the city! Decided to try out the bentos available at the refreshment bar. It looks super appetising but then again, i would have preferred freshly cooked food. worth an experience though!


all in all the Korail O-Train & V-Train was super worth a journey! Would definitely try out this line again maybe at a different season. During autumn or winter would seem nice and would be perfect for any couple to go for a healing and rejuvenating trip.

Hope that this post will be able to help those who are looking forward to try out the trip and Korea wait for me! i will be back soon!!



~looking forward to a day where i’ll journey together with my soulmate..~


Went to novena this morning as usual.

Even though the traffic was bad, was lucky to be able to reach just in time for the petitions.

The first petition was from a parent who were asking for intercession for their daughter. She is currently suffering from very bad skin condition. And she’s in depression. I could totally relate to her when I heard that she was having a bad skin condition. But I was also very glad that I don’t have depression.

It is indeed very hard to go by with bad skin condition and it really affects one on how your life was going to be. First thing which was going to be affected badly was how your actual skin is going to look like. And it is not a tolerable sight. It really brings down one’s confidence to the lowest. Even if that person used to be bright and bubbly before. Everyone who’s around and cares for that person would tell her that it’s ok and people are not really going to judge you. But somehow, they’re wrong.

It is a reality that most of the people in our society is going to judge how one looks or how hideous that person is and should just hide and stay at home.

Personally I went through that part and I’m still in a battle against looks. I do cover up totally whenever I’m out but it’s hard not to be cynical that eyes are always on me. I’ll feel that it’s because they saw a certain part of my skin which was not being covered properly. When I was bald, the feeling was worse. But I hid under my cap and stared at people who were staring at me as a defense. It wasn’t intentional but the feeling just sucks. Nobody would want to choose to look different in this way.

However, I’m still really grateful and thankful for the love and care I received from my family and friends over the past two years when I had the toughest part of my life. When I looked the most hideous of my life. I would probably be in deep depression and I suspected that I might actually had a tint of depression as I was crying to sleep almost everynight. Thinking back of those times, it was so torturous that I wouldn’t want to put myself or anyone in that position. I didn’t want to step out of the house at all. I couldn’t bear going out without someone accompanying me. I’m really grateful that my brother was there for me all the time. I was once such an independent girl but I couldn’t bear going out alone at that point of time. (I’m totally fine now, my skin is still bad, but I do enjoy going out alone. Thank you.) So when I heard the petition this morning, I really felt like I should reach out to the girl or to anyone who’s suffering the same as me.

At times I still feel sad about my condition but I think I’m slowly learning to live with it and start to enjoy my life. Why waste time waiting for it to totally heal when I can still enjoy part of my life concurrently now.

I’m seriously thankful for my faith that I wasn’t in deep depression and from now on, I guess I’ll slowly learn how to accept myself. I secretly do hope that one day I’ll look like that pretty girl I once used to know and slowly get back the confidence I once used to have.

P.s. It’s not an emo post. In fact it’s rather opposite. I’m feeling pretty positive. #justsaying

~you are beautiful.. ~

Late Reflections

This post came abit too late.. oops.

anyway, a yearly reflection on what i had accomplished through 2013.

it was a year which started off with nothing on my mind and ended with me starting to live my life.

i am still currently recuperating from my skin problem and it’s been a year since i started the chinese medicine. i can’t say that i’ve totally recovered and it does seem to appear worse, but i do know that it has been better than before, it’s not as thick anymore. ok it might sound confusing.. i can slowly see certain parts of normal skin growing out. this skin problem has always been a reason to stop me from going out to meet people. i used to feel very lethargic if i went out for too long and it was very uncomfortable for me being out totally covered. but now, i do enjoy going out to meet people whom i had lost contact with due to this skin problem.

many people have been asking why am i not attached or are trying to set me up with people. but at this point of time, even when i look at myself in the mirror or just at my bare skin, i will start to tear in fear and feel ashamed. i don’t wanna go out there to scare anyone. im thankful for all the love and care i’ve received through these years from my family, close friends and buddies. i can’t be more grateful for them.

started off 2013 feeling blessed as usual but was lost in what to do. career wise, im probably not heading to anywhere big currently but when i guess when there’s opportunities which comes up, i’ll give it a shot. it was only till the middle of the year, i finally set foot to open my account for investment. actually it was just due to plain laziness to the head down to the office. but due to some opportunities, i just got to open my account quite easily and conveniently! and i started my first trading in september! trading has been quite interesting so far and currently there’s only one counter which is making me sweat like mad. apart from that, im quite happy about what i’ve been trading so far. attended a few investment seminars and finally had a new idol! some guy in the investment field. bought almost all his books but can never finish reading them.. all in chinese!! will be attending another of his seminar this coming saturday.

apart from trading, i guess im starting to look at other investments as well. got to meet up with my long lost sec sch close friend lynette! and she intro me into a world of different investments. she also intro me into the world of options. to me it has always been a unit which i studied before and felt intimidated. but now, it’s so interesting that i cant wait to start trading it! still doing demo right now and still under some mentor. i hope 2014 will be a year where i can fully utilise to manage my investments.

it has come to a point whereby i think that i don’t really have to go out to work at all. what for work so hard.. i mean i do know that the working life has it advantages and i just sound like some jealous bitch who cant be working in the proper working world. im sure it’ll be a great chance to meet new people but i guess i was never set out to adapt the real working world. anyway, i guess my focus this year would probably be more on the investments and getting back in shape.

alright, enough of my career life. not that my normal life is of any interest to anyone but it’s just a reflection for what i could rmb through the year.

i was very blessed in 2013 for being able to meet up more people compared to 2012. old acquaintance met up once again and more frequent this time. my pri sch friend shermaine, few of my sec sch friends and good friend lynette, uni friends and even made new friends from overseas. im really grateful to be this lucky to have so many friends around me whom even though we might have lost contact but somehow manage to catch up and continue on from where we left. it is a great feeling because the connection is always there, no awkwardness, just plain excitement to share what’s been going on in our lives.

two of my friends whom i met in aussie came and visit singapore in the early 2013! jann from hongkong and shirley from msia! so happy to be able to meet them here and bring them around! also made another friend from hk, jessica! she told me her best friend shares the same birthday as me! and she found me very easy to get along! haha! all i could say is 2013 was really a great year for me to catch up with friends whom i lost contact with during the past few years. everyone just seems to be so busy with their own lives and are probably too lazy to squeeze out sometime just to catch up. it’s almost as if they’re too comfort to step out or break the chain. but once they did, things are different!

2013 was also the first time i celebrated my birthday for almost a week!! felt so blessed with my family and friends who are always there for me! it was also the most hazy birthday i ever had! it was the week whereby the psi went up above 300! we were actually celebrating my birthday in an enclosed area without realising the high psi outside! my dear friends surprised me for my birthday too! go read back on the post if you need 🙂 IMG_6399IMG_6446IMG_6458IMG_6483

celebrated my dear girlfriends birthdays too! as everyone was busy, it was hard to all meet up! im happy that they love their presents! not only for my girlfriends, i think i spent quite a bomb in 2013 on presents! haha! i love the feeling of giving! must emphasize i don’t expect anything back in return but just merely showing my gratitude and love. i do value friendship alot but please don’t make use of my friendship. IMG_1441IMG_6928IMG_6842IMG_7445IMG_7341IMG_7376

attended a few weddings and once again felt that im truly old.. so many people around me are going for bto, getting ready to get married or mostly are attached. it does feels lonely at times but yea, back on the first point, im not in any position to think of it right now. will be attending another good friend’s wedding this saturday as well. so many weddings coming up this year…

ok.. my 2 bffs are super tall.. and im already wearing super high heels…


super proud of my dad and his achievements! finally had a chance to take a photoshoot for our fleet of vehicles! he has started his business way long ago! from just one tiny lorry, today he has expanded with 5 big tankers, 1 medium tanker, 1 baby tanker and a few other lorries! he was actually beaming with pride that day during the photoshoot as it was quite unbelievable when all the vehicles were parked together for the shoot. i just hope that idiot out there who prob dont have a brain realises what his decisions or actions might hurt or affect my family. there’s bound to be such idiot in every family.



didn’t really get to travel much this year, but finally got to go to korea!!! finally able to put my korean skills in used. but sadly to say, my korean sucks.. im not that good after all. boo. it was quite an interesting trip, from planning to executing the trip, it was really very tiring. few hiccups on the way but i guess it was really a memorable trip. have yet to sit down and write about the post as it’s prob gonna take me alot of time! would definitely wanna go there again maybe with my girlfriends or in future my love. would definitely wanna bring my family there too! my mum prob loves it.

went to my first ever bangkok trip at the end of the year too. super random and hasty trip. went with my parents and grandparents. realised that my grandpa is really old. quite sad that he is not as healthy anymore. but im glad that i still get to eat breakfast with my grandparents almost everyday. even though im always scolding them or fierce to them, i think they do know that im just doing that out of worrying. sometimes they just do the stupidest thing.. but now, i can only urge everyone to accompany them especially my grandpa as much so as not to have regrets next time saying that ‘i should’ve spend more time with him..’ etc this kinda nonsense.

hoping that i’ll get to travel more this year in 2014! hopefully will get to countdown in a different country this year! usually my countdown will be at a bbq party with that same group of friends which has been a tradition since 2007 but it was diff this year. there was no bbq party, and i realised that everyone just moved on. people come and people go. it was quite a sad feeling but im thankful that at least i had one of my bff and her bf to countdown with!

a snapshot before our flight to bkk!


some photos from the korea trip. love the autumn season!


with ah pat! sorry for the hiccups through the trip, it wasnt done intentionally, and im glad we made it through! 🙂


down the road on nami island


trying those idol drama feel walking on the train track..


seeking the end of the road..


one of my favourite places in jeju! sangamburi!


and one of my favourite shots! beautiful tree with a story..


and not forgetting meeting up with one of my buddies in korea! changhong was doing his exchange programme and brought us to this chocolate bingsu place! thanks for meeting us!


alright! done with the photos for korea! anyway i realise that i do have alot of buddies and im grateful for all of them! and when i say buddies, i meant close/good guy friends! i always roll my eyes at girls who say that there can nvr be pure friendship between guys and girls. they’re so wrong. i do have many platonic friends whom they treat me almost like a guy friend too. i think their gfs are pretty ok for them to hang out with me too! haha! im no threat. phew. im not sure how yi qi these buddies are when i really need them but i guess if they’re still single or their gfs are close to me, i have faith that they’re as strong as my bffs! sessions with these buddies are always fun and nonsensical. it’s diff from the girly times with bffs and that’s how amazing friendships are! should start taking more photos with all the buddies soon..

Thank you all my happy pills!!



last but not least, im ending this abruptly because it’s way too long for a post..

and a post of me and kar during midnight mass! new long hair for me!


thank you everyone who has been into my life in 2013.

thank you for leaving a mark.

thank you for the memories.

thank you for accomodating me.

thank you for loving me for who i am.

thank you for tolerating my nonsense.

thank you for the confidence.

thank you for the faith.

please continue to be with me in this new year. (not begging, it’s your choice ultimately.)

and i thank God for being with me and blessing me with all that i have.

i know that it’s a test on-going, but i know that i must have faith in Him.

there’s so much more to say but i’ll never be able to finish.

hence, im just signing off..

happy new year and have a great year ahead everyone!


~새해 복 많이 받으세요! 행복하세요! 꿈 처럼 살아요~

Lazy Festivities

anyway, it just seems like yesterday when i went for the korea trip. yup, it’s been a month since i’ve came back.

probably should do up a few posts for the trip but im way too lazy.. and there’s too many photos! i gave up uploading them on fb.

despite that all, christmas is coming! oh yay. presents.

time passed by really fast this year and im sure it’s gonna be the same probably for the next few as well. im still on my long journey of recovery and it’s been a year since i’ve taken chinese medicine. i cant say that it’s not good but the improvement is taking alot of time. pray. faith.

buying presents and thinking of what to buy is also a pain in the ass.. well, more of pain to my wallet.. :p

my thoughts are all over the place now and i can’t wait for the new change im planning for next week! have been waiting for it for so long!

decided to take up some courses as well, gonna be meeting up with the mentor for more details later.

and soon, i’ll probably have to do up the post for my recollection for this year. i guess it’s not very exciting but im thankful that im still alive and im living better than i did last year.

to end off this random ramblings, a pretty picture i took in jeju island. a tree with a story.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

~trying to live for the better..~


I miss the way i look.

I miss the way i smile.

I miss the crazy laughter i once used to have.

I miss the crazy me who had lots of dreams.

I forgot how i used to look.

I forgot how i used to smile.

I forgot how i used to laugh.

I forgot what my dreams used to be.

I shudder at how i look now.

I shudder that i don’t have a dream.

I shudder that i’m not who i used to be.


I used to think that i’m quite photogenic, but not anymore.

I used to want to appear in photos, but not that much anymore.

I used to think that my eyes and face are my best features, but not anymore.


Now, i can only hypnotize myself that i’m just like an undervalued stock.

waiting to become a great blue chip.

waiting to slowly increase my value.

waiting to be invested.


~waiting for what’s my worth, and i’ll increase my value to prove my worth..~