My pretty flowers bloomed very well!

Been awhile since I posted ever since Dayre was supposed to end..

Recent updates.

My baby bro is legally married!

Our faces after the hot weather!

One with my lil sister who’d deleted her account 😭

One with the hubby!

Had a housewarming for vegie’s friends as well. Too much food catered.

Grandpa’s birthday! Couldn’t be bothered to crop the photo 😂

With the pretty bride-to-be @ceciliang for her photoshoot yesterday. So exciting!!

Don’t know can post her photos not.. 😬😬 but they’re so nice!! iPhone portrait really does wonders 😂

So cute la!!

Ok shall keep the other dress.

Created a mess during one of the shots 😂😂 but the video was really nice! Hope that the shots came out nice too!

Ok! Some fluffy cotton cloud to end this random post!

And the beautiful sunset while currently waiting in queue for dtf 😂

The gang will be coming over tml and I hope my house is well stocked enough! Can’t wait to see them!


It’s been quite awhile since I posted on Dayre.

Well, I’ve yet to receive the second email for exporting… and I already am on WordPress for quite sometime already. Probably will just use the same one to save trouble. Just that.. where’s my link!!!!

February is about to come to an end and it just seems like not much has been done 😱

Still quite in the cny mood and it’s quite hard to get back in track for work 😪

Hosted a 2 sessions of cny at our new place and omg.. it’s so tiring! Quite satisfying though when the food I whipped up gets polished off 😂

Ok! Picture talk!

Our annual cny affair to ancestors. Abit too kua Zhang but yea… no idea need airplane for what.

Last minute cny flower shopping

Happened on valentine’s day. No flowers from vegie.. got the bouquet from mum and the tiny one is made by yours truly.

Got this ang huay for the house! This was already blooming so we just grabbed and go 😂 mum was saying we need to buy those which produces red flower. And we happened to spot one red flower from this pot so this was it! It’s the one!

And our 3 other pots of cny flowers! Current situation is 2/3 left 😂 red ones still blooming quite nicely. Sad to say for the yellow one 😦

Boiled my first pot of shark fins soup! Quite successful apart from the overbearing crab meat taste 😂

Flower situation at my parents place

Cny ootd for the first day!

Different cny this year as a married couple. Set off to my parents place before heading back to vegie’s. Was supposed to head to church but the mahjong session with the gang on chu xi hit us like a bullet train. Much rest was needed to endure the first day of cny.

Bai nian lo!

Funny thing was vegie’s shoes were stolen during visiting 😂😂 he ended up with my slippers for the remaining visitings for the day. His new pair of shoes were just gone instantly.

Everyone but his was stolen. What a way to start off the new year 😂

New year need new bag. Clearing off the old one!

And changing to this new one @chapterer got for me!! Was saving this for new year despite receiving it quite awhile ago.

Think this was day 3 of cny. Went over to vegie’s friend place for his rom. This guy was our contractor for our house Reno. One of vegie’s best man during our wedding. Vegie’s sec sch buddy.

Congratulations to the lovely couple!! Our usual kahkee for mahjong 😂

Bought a new toy for the house too!!!

But it has been giving me quite some problems with its connection 😒😒

Food I prepared for vegie’s relatives visit!! Didn’t managed to take photo of the laksa station 😪 don’t think I’ll ever cook up such a big one anymore 😭😭

Repeated the laksa once more last night for my own cousins’ visit!! I hope it tasted well for everyone!

Oh. Side story..

When I planned to cook laksa again for the second night, I had most of the ingredients in the fridge. But what was left out was the taupok! It’s so important to me that I kept repeating to vegie that I needed to go find taupok 😂 whatever he asked me, my reply was taupok. So the conversation was such:

🐮: ‘What do you want to do?’

🐲: ‘taupok’

🐮: ‘what’s the stupidest thing on earth?’

🐲: ‘taupok’

🐮: ‘what’s your name?’

🐲: ‘taupok’


In the end I went over to happy village in search of my taupok. But sadly.. the shop was has it was closed 😭 I was contemplating if I should head to the nearest shopping to find it. But I wasn’t driving….

In the end I did.

I even purchased the ofo pass so that I could cycle to the plaza.

I got my freaking taupok!!!!

Yes.. it was not a long journey surprisingly but it was not very comfortable for the time of the month 😂

Ok! Ending abruptly for now as I’ve run out of photos 😂😂 quite sad that I didn’t managed to take much photos this cny.

Didn’t head back to msia as well this year. More visitings with vegie’s family. No visiting on my family side due to some unforeseen circumstances. Will be heading to my aunt’s place this week and hosting housewarming at our place for vegie’s friends.

And hopefully I’ll be able to export my Dayre soon before the month ends 😭😭

Finally started on this series! Quite nice!

But vegie scold me for wasting money…
Have finished the first book, can’t wait for the movies to be out! But the story abit drama.. hahaa. Oh well, but it’s probably quite common in reality.

Will sell of this whole series once I’m done reading. #crazyrichasians #chinarichgirlfriend #richpeopleproblems #dayrebooks

Mbs bed is here!

New lock is here too

Now my door got big hole Liao 😭😭

Oh hi new lock!! Now go swimming dun need bring keys Liao. Just bring key card 😂 actually can oso scrap that 😂

The little stars finally reunite! Oh well, adopted 2 of the tiny ones from vegie’s past 😪 not quite happy with it but that’s how it started.. #joandvegie

Finally opened up the Christmas present @chapterer gave many years ago. The one she got me when I wished for a bf 😂😂